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Selling gyaru style clothes *_*

Hi cuties :)

I'm currently selling a few gyaru clothes of mine because I rarely wear them or I don't fit in them anymore (*sigh*). So instead leaving them in my closet I have decided to sell them to make other gyarus happy! ^-^
All of them have been taken good care of and pre-loved <3

* all prices are in EURO€ and the payments should be in € only.
* all prices exclude paypal fees and shipping to your place. Please contact me for a shipping quote!
* I accept paypal and bank transfer for German (European) customers.
* I can do holds but a deadline will be given and discussed.
* no returns/refunds please!
* shipping from Germany! ^^
* if you want more pics of the items, please don't hesitate to contact me :)
* I'll send you a picture of the receipt once I've shipped your items out. Once shipping the items out, I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items. This is the post office's responsibilties.
* as I'm currently busy with my exams I'm sorry that I cannot answer your pms or comments immadiately >_< However, I'll try my best to reply within 24 hours.
* prices are negotiable, especially when you purchase more items!
* for those who don't have livejournal, you can mail me: Vi_Nguyen@web.de

And now enjoy your shopping :)

White Liz Lisa ruffle dress- 60€
( I bought it from another seller a while ago but unfortunately it didn't fit me T_T The dress is very cute and detailed and comes with tags as it's still new =^.^=)

Rare pink Liz Lisa Chiffon dress - 60€
(Like new condition, but Bow is missing!)


Liz Lisa white embroidery dress - 65€
(in good condition and very pretty and detailed embroidery!)

Axes femme mint green dress- 40€
(NWOT-a beautiful dress from this brand but I just can't see myself wearing it)

Cute white offbrand chiffon top- 35€
(like new condition- just tried on!)


Rojita glitter top- 38€
(I just got this top from a japanese auction but unfortunately it didn't fit me T_T So I decided to sell it again)


Pink/nude Liz Lisa lace top- 40€
(I bought it from some other seller at gyaru_com_sales but unfortunately it didn't fit me so I have to sell it aagain ;( the fabric is similar to velour and very warm so it's perfect for the colder seasons ^^)


Black Tralala replica shirt with lace- 20€
(like new condition- just tried on! Cute lace at sleeves, at the bottom and neckline of the shirt)


KOKO Korean brand dress- 40€
(NEW! with tags- I really love this dress but sadly I don't fit in it so I have to sell it T_T)


Pink Hello Kitty bag- 15€
(good condition- I bought it a long time ago from a japanese seller. Due to storage there are a few signs of usage like faintly stains. Please request for pics if you want to see them!)


cute bear necklace with free moving kristals- 14€
(This necklace is awesome! the kristals in the head of the bear can move freely and they're very pretty and colorful *^* This necklace is unique and one of a kind, probably a very good item for fashionistas or lolitas ;)


cute crown key necklace- 10€
(in very good condition- I only wore it once!)


would you be able to tell me max bust on the marine top?
Hi ^^
Thanks for your interest in my items!
As I've never worn the marine top I'm not sure what's the max bust of it, but I can take some measurements if you like
thanks i would appreciate it if you could measure it x
Hi ^^

Sorry for my late reply, I got caught up with lots of work recently >_<
The max bust for the marine top would be about 92cm. If there's anything you want to know please let me know :)
thanks its too small sorry

liz lisa replica

hi ^.^ ich hab eventuell interesse an dem Liz lisa replica. Kannst du mir sagen wie lang es genau ist und hast du ein Tragebild :3?

Re: liz lisa replica

Hey ~

Erst einmal danke für dein Interesse an meinem Kleid ^^ Im Moment ist es leider reserviert und ich warte noch auf die Bezahlung der Käuferin. Sollte sie aber abspringen sage ich dir Bescheid ;) Die Länge des Kleides beträgt ca. 70cm und ein Tragebild bekommst du später von mir ;) (bin im Moment unterwegs)

Hi there! Is the Pink/nude Liz Lisa lace top still available? If so, can I please have the bust measurement, and are you by chance open to offers? Thank you for your time!
Heya~ yes, the top is still available :) the top's currently at my parents home so I have to get it first, but I'll tell you the bust measurements soon ^^ But I can tell beforehand that it's very stretchy and that I easily fit in it(+90cm)! As I'm a student and really need the money for my studies I can't lower the prices atm, sorry >_
Hello! Thank you for the reply! Ahh it would definitely fit me then, but unfortunately since I live in the US the price is going to be out of my range with the shipping added in which is why I was wondering about giving offers haha. If you ever do accept offers for it please let me know, and if I can ever meet the asking price I will let you know! <3 Thank you so much for your time!